CNC Tube Manipulation Capabilities

High Tech Fabrications Ltd utilise the latest CNC tube forming equipment and pride themselves with being able to route complex subsea instrumentation tubing.

Our tube forming process includes;:

  • Controlled Quality Procedure for Cold forming.
  • Metallic Forming Tools
  • Non-metallic Forming Tools
  • 3D, 4D or specific CLR Tooling for Project Specific Requirements
  • Mechanically Testing of Cold Formed Test Samples
Welded Assemblies
Tube Manipulation for Subsea. Complex Tubing & Pipework

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Tube & Pipe Bending Solutions

Our metal fabrication facility includes CNC tube manipulation in a wide range of materials. Specific Centre Line Radius tooling is produced in to eliminate any deleterious effects of cold forming. These are available in standard material or non-ferrous/ non-metallic to eliminate carbon contamination between formers and tubing. This tooling is available in 3D, 4D or project specific CLR requirements to ensure the quality of the material is not compromised by cold working or incorrect bend radius.

Full control is maintained using our Cold Forming procedure by which sample bends are mechanically tested to ensure the integrity of the material has been maintained.

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